5 inspirational lessons about digital marketing we can learn from Milkha Singh's life.

Digital Marketing Jun 27, 2021

Milkha Singh the "flying Sikh" who was infected from the COVID-19 breathed his last on Friday night at the age of 91. He had gotten infected by Covid-19, Singh's death comes days after the unfortunate demise of his wife Nirmal Saini.

who even lost the battle to the cruel covid-19, she was also a former national volleyball team captain.

"He fought hard but Almighty has his ways and it was perhaps true love and companionship that both, our mother and Dad have passed away in a matter of 5 days," the family statement said.

well, wherefrom prime minister to big Bollywood celebrities are mourning we tried to pay tribute in our way to the legendary sprinter, already inspired by his life we learned some lessons, to be precise inspirational lessons which can help us in being a good digital marketer and developing great digital strategies.

The film, 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag', which touched the hearts of spectators, motivated and influenced us to follow our goals in life, also has a lot to offer from the perspective of digital marketing.

1. Setting goals in various stages of life and running after them.

In the epic biopic, 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' starring Farhan Akhtar is seen running in different stages of his life for a variety of goals.

  • A young Milkha running in hot sands from school to reach home early. Later,  he's seen running from people who attack his family, and from other kids      after beating his brother-in-law.
  • Runs at the top of a train after stealing coal.
  • During  his training in the Indian Army, Milkha runs in the cross-country race to earn a mug full of milk, 2 eggs, and relief from exercise each day.
  • Milkha runs to earn a blazer saying 'India' on it - a symbol of self-respect for      himself.
  • Last but not the least, Milkha keeps running to win races across the globe,     making his country proud.

Similarly, we need to set digital marketing goals in different stages of strategy, adapt to situations and new trends that come our way, and follow a marketing plan with dedication to achieve them.

Goals are an essential component of your Digital Marketing strategy. They are often the place you start. Goals set the direction for what needs to happen for your product or service to do well in the market and are the foundation of the plan you build to get there.

The purpose of Digital marketing is to reach your ideal audience and communicate the benefits of your product or service — so you can successfully acquire, keep, and grow customers. So, your Digital marketing goals must relate to the specific business objectives your company wants to achieve.

A good set of digital marketing goals covers a range of different measures to help set, review, and control performance across all digital marketing activities.

2. To become successful, one needs regular inspiration, training, and guidance.

Biro(played by Sonam Kapoor), Milkha Singh's first love, inspires him to earn self-esteem and become a successful person, one she can marry. Milkha's sister, Isri Kaur, stands as a pillar of strength for him. His two coaches - Gurudev Singh and Ranveer Singh - trained him to achieve his goals. They were Milkha's coaches alias GURUs who helped him rectify his skill through regular exceptional training.

Similarly, when aiming to expertise in different fields of digital marketing, you should follow top industries leaders how they aim to be that successful, following brands in the same niche seeing what strategies are being used by them, what mistakes they had already committed so you can avoid them, regular motivation to perform better, seeking for guidance by experts. always learning and learning new skills and methods to excel at your strategy, so your digital marketing strategy doesn't fail.

3. Earning things you need and don't eye others' things with greed.

Milkha Singh, as seen in the film, is amazed to see a blazer with India written on the left side worn by champion runner Sher Singh Rana. One day, when Milkha picks up and wears the blazer, just to get a feel of it, he's beaten up. Coach Gurudev Singh slaps Milkha, explaining that it is not easy to get things you like and that you need to work hard to earn them.

alike, using your unique mix of digital marketing tools in your strategy is preferred, keeping an eye or seeing to your competitor's strategy doesn't mean copying their whole strategies because again they might have other goals which won't be matching ours this smart move could turn out to be foolish that your whole digital strategy might fail, instead we should analyze our needs and ask ourselves whether strategy we are working on is worth our time and money into. Don't eye others' strategies and get carried away. Don't let your greed be fuelled by the look of something. Instead, seek guidance from your fellows in the same field on how to fulfill your need. one should be using other's digital strategies to get inspired or learn. The greed of saving time might result in lower ROI.

4. Life is not a bed of roses, but a path filled with thorns and stones.

In his early days as a runner, Milkha Singh used to ran bare-footed. In one such race, he lost as his foot got injured by a small pebble. However, he got selected for the main race by superiors due to his efforts and talent, and again after getting beaten up by Sher Singh Rana and suffering from injuries he managed to run in that same particular race until he got struck down by that damn pebble.

well, this teaches us that journey of achieving digital success is not an easy road you have to work hard in all the areas of digital marketing from the complex task of trying to get your website ranked higher in Google searches through SEO or developing a social media strategy to reach customers through channels of social media, it requires efforts but one even needs to know that digital marketing is slow process one who hurries and don't put enough efforts might fail !!

Digital marketing strategy Isn't easy to develop, not every time strategies going to be work, it requires time, dynamic thinking and it is not sprinting instead it's a slow jog, where results are achieved over time with consistency there might be some hard time between but all the efforts are worth when goals are achieved.

Your strategy will face volatility in returns. They might not give healthy returns even after a year. You need to adapt to new digital marketing trends and analyze the risks while investing again in another strategy. There will always be some marketing decisions that may go wrong and cause losses. So, don't have an attachment with any particular strategy or tool.

5. Adapt to requirements and befriend your challenges.

Initially, Milkha Singh has been seen agonizing running wearing spikes. Coach Gurudev Singh encourages Milkha to get accustomed to running with shoes on. The coach tells Milkha that his shoes will be his good friends in the future they might be hurting him now but in the long run, they will help him only.

The advice is very much valid for everyone. It is important to get adapted to different tools of digital marketing and understand them before implementing them in your unique digital strategy.

For example, assume you struggle to understand the hashtag strategy of social media marketing but are reluctant to give it a try and you simply don't make any effort to learn about techniques and tools But, historically, this strategy in long term has given healthy returns to marketers or businesses. Implementing strategies is like an art that needs some understanding and insight.


After winning the race in Pakistan, Milkha Singh receives the title of 'The Flying Sikh' by the commander-general of Pakistan for his outstanding performance. Similarly, by setting goals, getting inspiration from people around you, adapting to different situations while implementing a digital marketing plan, having faith in your digital marketing decisions and staying concrete with suggestions, working on goals you desire with hard work and dedication - you will soon end up turning all your business goals into reality.

The Indian sporting fraternity lost one of its most beloved sons on Friday night, a true sporting icon in the country with his life, especially the childhood tales, inspiring those on the field and beyond forever. May his soul rest in peace.

Rishabh Gulla

Rishabh Gulla is the talented digital marketer, starting at very young age with exploring the possibilities of digital world, Rishabh is currently persuading graduation in IT from Amity University.