MakeMyTrip’s new campaign encourages vaccination before vacation

Jul 07, 2021

Two adorable kids bring out the significance of the most impactful trip of 2021 and paint a picture of how this trip would affect all our vacation plans in the new campaign by MakeMyTrip.

Their milk teeth are just starting to fall off, but their recommendation of making the trip to a vaccination center is wise beyond their age. The fragile shoulders carry the weight of the communication in the campaign by MakeMyTrip as the brand urges consumers to get vaccinated.

In an attempt to rise above the clutter, MakeMyTrip’s strategy of featuring children makes for an interesting play, keeping viewers hooked to the ad campaign while creating a strong brand recall.

Through the campaign, the brand emphasizes no matter how difficult the commute may be, our schedules must be prioritized to reach the nearest vaccination center, so we can get back to boarding flights, taking trains, and indulging in wanderlust.

The campaign has been tailored to efficiently suit the brand’s tone and personality while resonating with the global appeal to humanity – to get jabbed, for your own benefit and for others. MakeMyTrip manages to drive home an important message without being preachy.

Rishabh Gulla

Rishabh Gulla is the talented digital marketer, starting at very young age with exploring the possibilities of digital world, Rishabh is currently persuading graduation in IT from Amity University.