Marketing Lessons to learn from RIVERDALE.

Jul 01, 2021

Riverdale is an American teenager show TV arrangement dependent on the characters of Archie Comics. The arrangement was adjusted for The CW by Archie Comics' boss innovative official Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and is created by Warner Bros. TV and CBS Studios, in relationship with Berlanti Productions and Archie Comics. Initially considered as an element film transformation for Warner Bros. Pictures, the thought was rethought as a TV arrangement for Fox. In 2015, improvement on the venture moved to The CW, where the arrangement was requested for a pilot. Shooting happens in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Well, who can think of marketing inspiration from this but well I did we did, and here are some learnings, digital marketing lessons from RIVERDALE.

1. If the past is tense, make the future perfect !

Polly and Jason holding hands

In the wake of knowing the homicide history between their families, Polly and Jason's relationship, hit a low making and a them star-crossed sweethearts. Absolutely pointless as we would like to think. “Just let go of the past”. In like manner, Don't keep down on your showcasing after a goof before. Indeed, a showcasing disappointment calls for new and better methodologies to be put to use with double the life, not exclusively to make the most of its advantages however to recuperate from the misfortunes of the bombed endeavors.

2. Be a Leader, not a follower.

Archie from Riverdale standing in boxing ring with blood

3.Tricking does not treat you.

Betty and Archie lying together

From lying to a teacher about a homework assignment to faking one's own death to giving false reports to the police. The show has used it all.

But, Just stop lying, you guys. Your target customers deserve nothing but your utmost honesty. Tell them what you’re for real, what you honestly do, what your products really do. Lying in this field is taking you nowhere but lawsuits.

4. Crush the out of league Crushes.

Archie and betty standing together smiling 

Desperately in love with Archie, Being “friend-zoned” by him causes a lot of pain to poor Betty. Now there is more to this for the new startups. We all know marketing techniques can cost you a huge amount of money, for the newbies it becomes next to impossible to raise money over and above the basic needs. Resorting to the cheaper and larger reached means of marketing, would be the best way to prevent the heavy duty in spreading their word. So for the newer ones, don’t incur large costs for your marketing and save yourself from the pain.

Rishabh Gulla

Rishabh Gulla is the talented digital marketer, starting at very young age with exploring the possibilities of digital world, Rishabh is currently persuading graduation in IT from Amity University.